OpEN Your

Divine ChanneL


You are already a Divine Channel.
Through your own will, the universe emerges on the canvas of your creation.
Your Channel is Important,
Your channel holds the information of the entire cosmos and connects you to the ancient wisdom of your soul.
This is a sacred container where we honor the full spectrum of who you are, and what you’re here to bring.
The channel of your unique expression is important,
you are needed,
you are wanted,
you are held.
We are here to nurture the birth of Your Divine Channel into full expression.
You are the Art on the canvas of existence.
Step into the gifts of your full creative expression
Open Your Divine Channel and connect to your innate wisdom.
Your Channel is a Sacred code for all of humanity.
You are integral part of our Divine Plan
Your Piece is important to the whole.
It only takes one drop to create a ripple of change in the fabric of existence,
you are that change.
You are the water, swimming deep in the eternal seas of endless possibility.
Know that you are a vital element in the flow of our collective conscious evolution,
we commend you for your contribution in raising the vibration in humanity!


This is a sacred container and safe space for you to explore the full spectrum of your Divine Channel

You are an essential note in the harmony of our awakening.

If your heart is singing yes and you are ready to step into the sacred role of your Divine Channel, begin your initiation.


The Alchemy of Inner Transformation: A Three Week Journey Through The 3 Sacred Gates 

Within this course, you will receive Fundamental Alchemy practices that support the Opening of Your Divine Channel. We will Attune and Activate the Three Sacred Gates that will empower and prepare your body, speech, and mind for self-expression to flow naturally.

Connect to Your Higher Self, Develop and Strengthen your Psychic Intuition,  and remember the language of Your Creative Channel.