Open Your Divine Channel FREE Workshop

Wednesday, October 25th

5pm-6:30pm PDT / 8pm-9:30pm EST

Discover Your Secret Powers

Come join us in this Mystical Gathering where we explore the Opening of Our Divine Channels and allow the Sacred Wisdom of our Oracles to open.

Connect to Your Higher Self, Develop and Strengthen your Psychic Intuition, and remember the language of Your Creative Channel.

Your Channel is Important and we Need You, 

the Storytellers, 

the Mystics, 

the Artists, 

the Healers, 

&  the Alchemists 

to come together! 

  The language of Creativity is our native tongue. 

Our Sacred Expression is a channel into the wisdom of Divine Intelligence. 

We are the Living Ceremony of Art,  and our Imagination is Sacred. 

The power of our Creativity opens the Divine language of our Soul. 

What is waiting for us to discover is Inconceivable, Vast, and Unconditional

It pulses through our every action and intention, it is the Vibration of life itself 

reminding us of our Secret Powers..


We are the Mystic Muses, 

and we are here to Inspire and Activate our Sacred Play

We have been preparing this offering for many years, and finally, through the harmonization of many ancient lineages and channeled wisdom we are honored to share these sacred practices with you.   

In this LIVE Interactive 90 min Workshop you’ll receive:  

Sacred Sounding Techniques

Mediumship Guidance

Vocal Activation 

A Fundamental Alchemy Practice that will support the Opening of Your Channel 


 It’s time to Open and Celebrate Your Divine Channel with the World.