The TeMpLe
Of MyStiC WisdOm

an online global mystery school

Welcome mystical muses to your sacred temple, a sanctuary of wisdom weaving that will open your divine channel and nurture your creative mediumship. 

This space is an activated container of elevated consciousness. our mission and goal is to create a thriving community that is inclusive and accessible to all wherever you are on your spiritual path. 

As you enter through these gates you will be uplifted into your highest expression of creative musing. Held in a heart centered empowered tribe, you will develop and strengthen your psychic intuition and remember the language of your creative channel.   

This is where we explore the edges of the mystery and deep healing, and where we journey into the esoteric channel of the oracle.

YOur MOnThlY MemBerShiP InCluDeS

Live Zoom Calls w/ Replay

Two 108min Live Zoom Interactive Transmissions guided by Tara & Spirit per month on the Full Moon and New Moon where we tune into the energetic alchemy of the universe in harmonic rhythm with Lunar wisdom.

Mystic Muse Mentorship

You will receive support and coaching to nurture your personal process and practices, assisting you in opening up to mediumship and accessing the messages within to express the creativity of your Divine Channel.

1 : 1 Coaching Call

As a new member you will receive a 1hr Mystic Muse Initiation Coaching Call where you get personal guidance from Spirit & Tara to support the refinement and growth of Your Divine Channel.

Muse Letter

An inspired email forecasting which energies archetypes and deities we will be working with, a replay of our last transmission with detailed instruction for your Mystic Wisdom Practices and Inner Alchemy Contemplation.

Discounts on In-Person Workshops, Ceremonies and Retreats

Community Support

A platform to share and support our community as we grow and weave our wisdom together

AttUNinG tO THe LuNAr CyClE

We gather on the New moon and the Full moon so that our bodies, speech, and mind can attune to the natural cycles that are intrinsic and most supportive for our spiritual growth. This means the days we gather will change with the moon, as will our celestial influences.

we believe that working in this manner will imprint somatic awareness within our subtle bodies of awareness. we choose to schedule these transmissions aligning with the moon cycles to connect to the cosmic wisdom of the universe and tune into the energetic alchemy of our tunar wisdom.

AS A MeMBer YOu WIll

Spiritual Technologies

Guided Instruction and Practice with ancient Mantras and Purification Practices from Esoteric Hindu Traditions and Tibetan Buddhism.

Sacred Sounding Techniques

Interactive practices which awakens the healing instrument of your voice and activates the channel of your Light Language.

Channeled Drawing and Writing

Intuitive Sacred Art Alchemy practices led and guided to open your psychic and intrinsic creative flow.

Guided Visualization and Meditations

Guided transmissions into the symbolic language of your sacred imagination to cultivate elevated sates of consciousness.




  $55 / Monthly