OrACle wORkS

WisdOm Of the ParadOx

May 10th-12th

We’re thrilled to invite you to our upcoming Oracle Works Medicine retreat on MAY 10th -12th. This sacred work is flourishing and evolving, weaving together the wisdom of the paradox to unlock deeper states of harmony. We unite with the human and celestial realms, finding our meeting point in the magic of ceremony, and reconnecting with the sacredness of our intertwined roots.

This sacred journey invites you to explore and deepen your spiritual path, dancing with the edges of emptiness and non-duality. It transcends notions of good or bad, dark or light, offering a container of harmony and acceptance for transformation. Specifically crafted for the exploration of your unique creative Divine Channel, this sacred space allows for prayer, play, and the honoring of the raw medicine of our gifts together. It’s believed that unearthing our collective creative channel will heal ourselves and our communities in a sustainable and impactful way.

Within this ceremonial container, we’ll engage with the elements of breath, sound, and movement to achieve total presence. Serenaded by primordial frequencies of sound healing, you’ll be guided into the language of somatic activation, where ultimate truth, healing, and understanding occur. This journey delves into the sound of your soul, tuning into cosmic consciousness with the guidance of Master Plant and Fungi teachers, leading to radical transformation and expanded awareness.

As Intermystics, we work with the sacred tapestry that intricately weaves together the unique threads of Tibetan Buddhism, Esoteric Hindu Tradition, Shamanism, Umbanda, Yoga, Sacred Art Alchemy, Spiritism, and Non-Dual Shaiva Tantra. We draw upon the wisdom of these ancient paths and explore the interconnectedness of all spiritual traditions, recognizing the golden thread that binds us together. We celebrate the many colors of human spirituality while honoring the universal truths that unite us all as we journey deeper into the esoteric channel of the Oracle.

If you are a Mystic, Sacred Artist, Healer, or Alchemist, it’s time to reclaim Your Divine Calling! The world needs your gifts, whether you’re an Oracle, Yogini, Dakini, Psychic, Wizard, High Priest, or Priestess. Together, we’ll explore, attune, and refine our abilities as Divine Channels, supported by guidance and love as you trust and are guided by your Higher Self.

Throughout the retreat, we’ll work with movement, mantra, sound, poetry, music, and art in devotion to the sacred muse. You’ll receive Fundamental Alchemy practices to support the opening of Your Divine Channel, attuning and activating the 3 Sacred Gates for natural self-expression.

We WIll wOrk WItH

Sacred Sounding Techniques
Mediumship Guidance
Esoteric Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism
Vocal Activation
Light Language Channeling
Clearing and Cleansing Protocols
Sacred Art Alchemy Practices
Energetic Etiquette
Plant Medicine Ceremony
Sananga, Rape and Cacao Circle

Client Testimonials

ResErVe YoUr SpOt FoR CereMoNY

Prior to securing your spot in this ceremony we require that each participant fill out the pre-ceremony intake form and schedule an introductory phone call with us, to see if this is the right circle for you.

Please fill out:


Open Your Divine Channel : Oracle Works – Retreat
Arrival 4pm on Friday, May 10th Departure 11am Sunday, May 12th
This is a Daytime Plant Medicine Ceremony with Integration the following morning.
Includes vegetarian meals and community sleeping accommodations in our shared communal Temple Space. We have private rooms for an additional cost. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions via email.




 To secure your spot a non-refundable deposit investment of $111 is required at registration to confirm your commitment for your Ceremony. Remainder of full payment in cash will be collected the morning of the gathering. Please RSVP two weeks prior to the ceremony weekend to stay in integrity with the medicine diet/dieta. Further details on the dieta and items to bring will be sent at registration.


The Sanctuary
Leona Valley, Ca 

This sacred gathering will take place at The Sanctuary in Leona Valley, CA, a beautiful and serene valley surrounded by the Angeles National Forest.Additional information, along with dieta guidelines, will be sent after registration. A pre-ceremony orientation call, as well as a follow-up integration call, will be scheduled with all participants for pre- and post-journey support.

New participants must have a brief personal telephone consultation prior to the ceremony to ensure this is the right fit for them. New friends are welcomed; however, please be discerning with whom you discuss this information. Please do not forward this email. Any new friends joining us will need to speak with us first.

Thank you for embracing the path of your embodied, creative nature, and sacred self-expression. It is a true honor to share this sacred work with you.

With deep gratitude, 
Your Sisters in service
Spirit Willow & Tara Samadhi