Opening Your Divine Channel Mystery School is offering an In-Person Workshop called

The Inner Alchemy of Transformation:
A Journey Through The 3 Sacred Gates.

The Sacred Muse archetype reminds us how to flow with the powerful force of our creative source energy as we honor the unique channel within each of us.

This is a sacred space to pray and play, to explore the edges of your creative channel and honor the true raw medicine of our creativity together. Our belief is that in the unearthing of our collective creative channel, we will be able to heal ourselves and our communities in a sustainable and impactful way that will reverberate into this world.

The language of our creativity is our native tongue, and our sacred expression. It is the direct channel to the wisdom of Universal Divine Intelligence.

The power and implementation of our creativity opens the Divine Language of our Soul. We are creative by our human design, and as we open ourselves to our unique flow we uncover the hidden rivers of our abundant life source.

The things is, It is within us all, this unique channel, but often it is hidden beneath crushing insecurity and societal constraints that have drained many of us for too long. By nurturing our creative expression we heal self-conscious behaviors, doubt, and old stories that limit free expression.

As we learn to remove these blocks we liberate our true nature.  

What is waiting for us to discover is inconceivable, vast, and unconditional.

It pulses through every action and intention; it is the vibration of life itself reminding us of our secret power.  

This is a sacred container specifically designed for the exploration of each persons unique creative Divine Channel. By diving into creativity through sound, movement, mantras, and music we will access a deeper connection with our innate wisdom.

Within this workshop, each person will receive the Fundamental Alchemy practices that support the Opening of Their Divine Channel.

We will Attune and Activate the 3 Sacred Gates that empower and prepare the body, speech, and mind for self-expression to flow naturally.

We will work with

Sacred Sounding Techniques
Mediumship Guidance
Esoteric Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism
Vocal Activation
Light Language Channeling
Clearing and Cleansing Protocols
Sacred Art Alchemy Practices
Energetic Etiquette

This is sacred work which invites us to explore and deepen into our spiritual paths. We will be dancing with the edges of emptiness and non-duality. This is not a space of good or bad, dark or light; It is a container of harmony and acceptance of all that is asking to be transformed.

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