Open Your Divine Channel

An 8 Week Immersive Mentorship Program of Fundamental Alchemy

Connect to Your Higher-self, Develop and Strengthen your Psychic Intuition, Unlock the Language of Your Creative Channel and Embody your Full Expression.

We are at a massive turning point in our spiritual and cultural evolution and are reclaiming our mystical nature!

We’ve been waiting for you.

You’ve been waiting for you, and this is a sacred call to remember
Your Divine Channel.

Your channel is important and we need you, the Storytellers, the Mystics, the Artists, the Healers, & the alchemists to come together!  It is time for you to reclaim Your Divine Calling. We need you, the Oracles, the Yoginis and Dakinis , the Psychics,the Wizards, and the High Priest and Priestesses to share your gifts with the world.  

As our planet ascends our physical and spiritual bodies are transforming and many of us are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening. 

You might be experiencing 

Synchronistic Messages, Increased Empathy, Heightened Sensitivity, feelings of Confusion or Loneliness, Vivid Dreams , Shifting relationships,  Desire to be in Service. 

And you might not resonate with your current life as you feel this new path awakening. 

This mentorship is designed to support and balance the foundation that is needed for your ascension process.

The good news is, you already have the blueprint for your Awakening inside of you, and together we can uncover what will support your fullest expression. Remember, that Transformation releases limiting stories and beliefs that conceal your true nature. This means the tools, answers, and path to your enlightenment will be revealed to you over the course of this mentorship.

By building a comprehensive map of your body through the deep understanding and practices of your chakra system, we can activate the bridge to your subtle realms and multidimensional consciousness.

We’ve designed a process of opening each vortex by merging ancient practices with your unique channel of creative intelligence. We will draw from various traditions and mystery schools, exploring practices that incorporate:  the power of Imagination, Breathwork, Guided Meditation, Voice Activation, Mantra, Mudra, Somatic Movement, Conscious Casting and connecting with your Spirit Guides. During this mentorship, you’ll explore Creative Writing, Painting and Drawing practices that activate and open the language of

  Your Divine Channel

You are an act of creation,

 on the stage of the Universe.

The language of your spirit speaks through the sacred intelligence of Art.  

When you honor the practice of the Creative Genius, your Divine Channel activates.

 As you clear and align your chakras and ground into the safety within your body, you reveal the full palate of your creative pleasure. 

This opens the Rites of Passage into your innate confidence which grows into your capacity of unconditional love and unity consciousness.

 As your throat opens, your truth becomes the guiding force behind all action, activating the uniqueness of your vibrational codes. 

This harmonic resonance pierces through the veil into universal consciousness and illuminates the wisdom of the sacred.  

Your Crown expands,  merging with the Masterpiece of All That Is as 

Your Divine Channel Opens.

What you experience when Your Divine Channel is Open

Your body relaxes, 

your mind opens, as your heart expands. 

You belong. 

You are home.

You feel rooted, held and nurtured with embodied awareness.

 You’re training your mind to surrender into the cycles of transformation, learning how to traverse the waters of contraction and expansion.

 You trust in the infinite nature of who you are. 

You wake up to the ancient wisdom that lives within and discover your sacred gifts and abilities. 

Your frequency refines, as you align more and more with your Divine Plan and your unique contribution to humanity crystallizes within the collective mission.

What’s included in this 8 week
Magical Mentorship Program?

8 Live Zoom Calls with Spirit and Tara 

Each week we gather as a community to learn, empower, inspire & receive support! 

Each Live Training features:  

 guided meditations, interactive teaching and transmissions, channeling practices, dyad work,and group sharing 

Weekly personal guidance embodiment practices, in depth chakra attunement and activation, mantra, yantra and mudra study, Channeled Writing, Drawing, and Painting assignments, and downloadable pdfs and mp3’s.

Over the course of this mentorship you will receive…

Voice Activation – StarSeed Language Initiation

Discover and Develop your Personal Practice 

Learn Shamanic Art Therapy  

Theta Healing 


Self-Care Ritual Practices 

Clearing and Cleansing Protocols 

Mediumship Guidance 

Deepening the Connection with your Psychic Senses. 

Energetic Gridwork and Mapping Guidance  

Vision Manifesting and Conscious Casting

Develop Communication with your Guides 

Work with Archetypes, Deities and Angels

Technique for removing Psychic Cords and Blockages. 

Activating the Ka Light Body 

Navigational System of Your Channel. 

Ways to work with Elemental Alchemy

The Sacred Investment

First 8 people to enroll: $888

Regular Price: $1111